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Casios is an old school steakhose. They cook a darn good steak. And, you pay for it. You get salad, bread Moscococoli or spaghetti on side. Of coarse full bar ... ( I had a Old Fashion ) Service is good I like the Old Omaha places. I grew up here. It's nice to go back..
Sara Born via - Aug 19, 2019
Great steak ... read more
b h via - Aug 17, 2019
Always outstanding ... read more
Virgil Orso via - Aug 16, 2019
Best Steakhouse in Omaha!
John Bruckner via - Aug 11, 2019
Great Italian and Steaks ... read more
Mark Flott via - Aug 11, 2019
Excellent Meal, Server, and Atmosphere
4 of us went there for dinner on July 26th. Everyone in our party enjoyed what they ordered immensely. I had the Tenderloin Brochettes and it was mouth-watering and very tender. The server, Tammy, was fun and attentive and we had a good time talking...More ... read more
kpann2016 via - Aug 6, 2019
Omaha classic Italian steakhouse. Great food, service and value.
M C via - Aug 5, 2019
Good food, good service ... read more
Jason Talley via - Aug 5, 2019
Another Steak house here in Omaha ...
Another Steak house here in Omaha.  This is a classic old style Italian steak house.  It's heyday is over but the food is still respectable.  I had the Filet Mignon .  It was an excellent cut and very tasty.  Slightly overcooked.  Medium not Medium Rare. Another diner with us also had her steak overcooked.  The Shrimp fetucinini was ... read more
Bobby S. via - Jul 31, 2019
Absolutely amazing!
Dan Espinoza via - Jul 31, 2019
There late at night and excellent food. The two gentlemen from San Francisco expressed hearty agreement.
Ron Follmer via - Jul 28, 2019
I go there often because they're very kind to me and I know the people the owners plus it's in my neighborhood and you have very good clientele drinks food and it's in my budget thank you cash you thank you thank you thank you ... read more
kathy britenstine-salavec via - Jul 25, 2019
The steak and the shrimp were alittle tough but tasty. Our waitress was GREAT!
Lori Pruitt-Olson via - Jul 20, 2019
Amazing dinner! Great people!
Brenda Stryker via - Jul 16, 2019
Prime rib was amazing and perfect. The Italian side of it not so much. The sauce was just not....well....good. Just not much flavor other than tomatoes. Needed a few more spices to give it some flavor. So disappointing but the steaks were cooked perfectly!!
Aundi Smith via - Jul 15, 2019
One of Omaha's classic steakhouses.
Michael Conoan via - Jul 9, 2019
Eh. Stopped in for lunch, I had ...
Eh. Stopped in for lunch, I had french dip sandwich and my wife a burger. Meat in my sandwich was way too dry and the au jus way to salty. Burger was also on the dry side but good beef. Fries very good.Altogether, so-so. Maybe light lunch is not their strong suit.
Paul M. via - Jul 8, 2019
Beautiful atmosphere, terrific service, delicious food ... read more
Terri Wetzel via - Jul 7, 2019
Amazing. Great food. Great service ... read more
Kim Rody via - Jul 7, 2019
Not bad. Good prices for good steak. Not the best mozzarella sticks or sides.
Austin Putz via - Jul 7, 2019
We were disappointed
A coworker and I wanted a good steak and saw an ad stating this was Omaha’s # 1 steak house. Out food had a good taste, not great. However, both of us ordered rib eyes cooked medium. The waiter even said, “you want it pink...More ... read more
869DavidE via - Jul 6, 2019
Good food., good service ... read more
DIZ BOB via - Jul 4, 2019
Best in Omaha. Steaks - amazing. Owner and staff super professional. I might add that their wine selection was also fantastic.
Pete Reeves via - Jul 1, 2019
Had the sirloin -- delicious. Great service, great atmosphere! Check out the signed jerseys in the bar. Fun!
Momma Kirkman via - Jun 23, 2019
Wonderful food and service was awesome.
GREG SOUTHERN via - Jun 22, 2019
Alsome food great service ... read more
Jeff via - Jun 21, 2019
Was very good,as always,will always stop in when in town. Grate service,grate food.
Clayton Edwards via - Jun 19, 2019
This place.... can't say enough ...
This place.... can't say enough about it:):):). Grew up in the neighborhood and cascios was always and still is a huge family favorite !!! It kills me how people can take the time to bash a place over the Internet media .... whatever happened to... just not going back .....or speaking directly face to face with management ... read more
Cupcake .. via - Jun 19, 2019
Very expensive for what you get. Canned green beans, boxed pasta and has sauce.
Jill T via - Jun 17, 2019
Great service! Yummy food. Quaint ...
Great service! Yummy food. Quaint atmosphere. Old time steak place. Had not had steak in over 20 years this was amazing. We had reservations and we were seated quickly the food arrived quickly. Everyone enjoyed their choices. I think my Dad had the best! He had prime rib and shared a few bites with me and the kids! Wow yummy!! We had ... read more
Crystal N. via - Jun 17, 2019
Yummy awesome choice!!
We had a lot to choose from for Father’s Day and have had a tough time finding good service coming into town. However THIS was the exception. I can’t say enough about this experience! From the moment we entered it was awesome. We had reservations...More ... read more
cabinfan2 via - Jun 17, 2019
Petra Koprivica via - Jun 10, 2019
The food was decent. It's a good place for a maybe once every few years occasion. The price may have been a little high for the quality of the food. The salad is just lettuce with dressing on it.
Aaron Kirkpatrick via - Jun 9, 2019
Delishious went with my Inlaws for my Birthday and my Husband !!
Janice Mccoy via - Jun 8, 2019
Friendly, family oriented. Best prime rib.
Cathy Reed via - Jun 7, 2019
Traditional Italian Steakhouse with large portions and a family atmosphere. Its nice that there is still a steakhouse around where not everything is a la carte. I have been here twice now and both times the food and service was good. Consistency is hard to find now days at a restaurant. Cascio's is easily one of my favorite steakhous ... read more
Warren via - Jun 2, 2019
Traveling thru and picked this place. The waitress was very friendly and helpful. The food was absolutely amazing. So many complimentary items made for a very filling meal.
Shannon McLaughlin via - May 31, 2019
Our dinner was delicious, and the service was great!
Judy Elliot via - May 30, 2019
Way to expensive ... read more
Sean Bobier via - May 30, 2019
Eight of us went there everyone had something different and each meal was excellent. The service was very good. Not very busy more people need to go there.
Karen Svoboda via - May 30, 2019
Great steaks and great service.
Lyle Halstead via - May 27, 2019
Excellent old Omaha style steakhouse. Go in and enjoy!!
RRfan216 via - May 26, 2019
Food is excellent!!!!! Our waitress was not the friendliest which is unusual because all the other ones are super friendly. Best place in Omaha for a great steak!!!
Janet Shafer via - May 19, 2019
Excellent food. Service, employees, owner, relaxed atmosphere ... read more
Andrea Kjos via - May 18, 2019
Perfect steak!
Maureen Frumkin via - May 16, 2019
This place is amazing! We went ...
This place is amazing! We went there for a late dinner and got seated right away. The food was delicious and our waitress was really friendly.
Emily W. via - May 14, 2019
Company function was nice. Food was okay. Service was interesting... didn't care for the smart mouth waitress but she know a lot of the people there so may have been okay to most. Fish was not all that good. Salad was a salad nothing special. Food didn't make me want to come back ... read more
C. Moore via - May 13, 2019
Great family restaurant ... read more
Joseph Connor via - May 10, 2019
The food was great and the service was wonderful!
Jerome Ellis via - May 10, 2019
An Italian Steak House in Omaha
I ate here with friends who eat red meat. I do not, so I had the chicken parmesan. It was tasty, but very hot. I probably had to wait 10 minutes for it to cool before eating it.
Ward R via - May 6, 2019
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