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My husband took me here for our 24 year anniversary and I loved it! Denise, our waitress, was very friendly and funny. The steaks were so tender and juicy and the coffee was delish! What a great way to celebrate our special night!
Andi Ackley via - Jan 8, 2022
Been a great place for decades ... read more
Rich Record via - Jan 3, 2022
Had reservations @ 7 on Christmas Eve. They had a very limited menu but my sister & I didn't care bc there were plenty of great options.. Place was BUSY BUSY. Waitress was very proficient at her job. Nothing better than an old time steak house !!
Mary Porter via - Dec 25, 2021
I thought it was too expensive. Food was good.
Denny Dillon via - Dec 22, 2021
Delicious albiet expensive steaks.
Denny Dillon KW SP via - Dec 18, 2021
This is a long overdue review! I treated two friends for Thanksgiving dinner at Cascios.. Very little wait time (with reservations) and excellent service. Portion sizes were huge and quite delicious.. This may have to be an annual Thanksgiving Tradition!
Mark Morello via - Dec 16, 2021
Great service, great food.
Robert Thomas via - Dec 16, 2021
The salmon was cooked excellent, not a lover of pasta though ... read more
Pastor Portia Cavitt via - Dec 11, 2021
My turkey dinner was delicious, and my sons' chicken parm and fetticine alfredo w/chicken looked yummy as well. All employees we dealt with were very friendly and efficient.
Robyn Crone via - Nov 30, 2021
Wonderful food and the soup was amazing !
Cassie Vacanti via - Nov 28, 2021
My wife, brother & me went there for Thanksgiving dinner. Food and service was excellent.
Daniel Lowe via - Nov 27, 2021
Great food. One of the original Italian steakhouses and there aren't many left. A little pricey, but one meal is plenty for 2.
Carol Lee via - Nov 27, 2021
Old-school Italian steak house. Food is a 4, table service is a 5, food and beverage delivery time is measured in moon phases.
Randy Czarnetzki via - Nov 25, 2021
Very good Thanksgiving dinner, today. My hubby and I had the turkey dinner, others with us had the sirloin steak dinner. All delicious! Nick, our waiter, was very conscientious about keeping drinks filled. It took longer than normal to get the main course, but it was Thanksgiving day.
mary zagozda via - Nov 25, 2021
Luch service can be less than acceptable when they're very busy. Food is excellent. Specials are always something to consider. Perhaps, the very best chicken parm in town. Old-style Italian steakhouse vibe...a classic, firendly, Omaha tradition.
Craig Mardi via - Nov 23, 2021
Loved it. Service Great.
Debi Miner via - Nov 19, 2021
This is a very nice place to go to dinner and I recommend the Wiskey Ribeye! It is delicious!!!
Ehren Schlueter via - Nov 16, 2021
Always delicious. One of our favorite restaurants. You will leave satisfied for sure!
D. L. T. via - Nov 12, 2021
Had the filet, very good. Was perry buddy on Saturday night so called ahead with reservation. Not inexpensive, but definitely worth a return visit.
Bob Snodgrass via - Nov 7, 2021
One of the last ones around. Glad it is.
J K via - Nov 7, 2021
Wonderful ... read more
Anna Ruzicka via - Nov 7, 2021
Service a bit slow, but great food ... read more
Kendra K Weers via - Nov 6, 2021
Great food and service. Always enjoy the atmosphere.
Great food and service. Always enjoy the atmosphere.
Terry Schluckebier Mack via - Nov 6, 2021
Could I have made an equally delicious steak dinner for about $120 less than I spent? Yes. But I enjoy the ambience and not having to do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning that goes along with it. Had the whiskey rib eye ($38). Gf had a filet ($37). Paired with a bottle of cab, baked potatoes, mostacioli, and side salad. Highly ... read more
M. D. via - Nov 4, 2021
Great place!
Amanda Meyers via - Oct 31, 2021
This is another good place to stop and eat. When in Omaha.
Kathy Banas via - Oct 31, 2021
Got the 11 ounce sirloin. Was actually shocked it was not dry it was actually moist and it tasted good at good flavor ... read more
2 Tall Racing via - Oct 23, 2021
The food and service were great, as always 👌.
The food and service were great, as always 👌.
Justin Anthony via - Oct 22, 2021
Meat sauce is not like it used to be. Not sure what's changed, but haven't cared for it last 2 times I went. & Adding 20% on for tip was not cool in my opinion. A server needs to earn a tip. Not expect it regardless of service.
Annette Roehr via - Oct 17, 2021
Cascio's is a true Omaha classic! You'll never leave hungry as the portions are generous and delicious. Honestly, here you'll find the warmest, kindest people; staff and customers alike.
Ivy Alexander via - Oct 17, 2021
Great service and one of the best steaks I've had in a long time.
Brad Kustka via - Oct 14, 2021
EXCELLENT in everything!!
Sue Pope via - Oct 8, 2021
The best Beef is Nebraska beef. This restaurant is one of our(my late wife Carol and me)favorite spots. This is a traditional Italian Restaurant with Great, cuisine, service and atmosphere. Convenient parking. Upholding a longtime family tradition. They can be very proud of their service to the Omaha community.
Larry Kimnach via - Oct 5, 2021
The best place in Omaha for a lunch date!❤️
The best place in Omaha for a lunch date!❤️ ... read more
Cindy Marie via - Sep 30, 2021
Our favorite place to eat as a couple for 37 years! This time was for a delayed anniversary dinner. Always delicious food and great service never disappointed! Worth the 2.5 hour drive for us, Prime Rib and Beef Parm!
Leora Loukota via - Sep 12, 2021
Love this classic Italian steakhouse. We hadn't been in years so when we came to Omaha, Cascio's was a must stop. Dinner was perfect and our server Brian was the best. Very friendly and made me some fresh stuffed blue cheese olives for my martini. My Chianti wine was perfect with my steak and pasta and it was a surprisingly heavy pou ... read more
Sam via - Sep 11, 2021
Our server, Tammy, was wonderful! Knowledgeable, friendly – a real delight to interact with. And...o
Our server, Tammy, was wonderful! Knowledgeable, friendly – a real delight to interact with. And...our steaks were perfectly cooked, the sides were yummy, and the overall experience was fun and delicious! Plus, the service and the atmosphere were comfortable and not pretentious like "some" steakhouses can be...For a classic, old-scho ... read more
clsteele681212 via - Sep 9, 2021
Very nice place.
Itzel Leal via - Sep 2, 2021
They have great food. Their steaks are so good the last two times we’ve been there the service has been better. One of their servers is so rude that I will never sit in her section again. I gave them five stars even though the service isn’t but the food overcomes all that ... read more
Scottie Matthew Courtney via - Sep 1, 2021
This original Steakhouse has excellent service and good food. Their coffee is especially delicious. The prices are a bit high for the location.
Larry L Anderson via - Aug 29, 2021
Very nice dinner, whiskey ribeye is choice ... read more
BeefCake 9000 via - Aug 23, 2021
It is American style "Italian" food and steaks. I was not impressed and won't be back, but that's because it's not my thing. If you like American style "Italian" food you will like it.
John Baltaro via - Aug 19, 2021
Excellent waitress and wonderful food!
Johnna Edwards via - Aug 17, 2021
Buen lugar, la atención del Gerente, me gustó mucho.
Francella H.C. via - Aug 14, 2021
The salad n bread had NO flavor, but the Alfredo was good.
Missy ! via - Aug 14, 2021
A relic from the past that still serves solid food. Enjoyed the steak and can imagine people dining back in its heyday ... read more
MrGermeister via - Aug 5, 2021
Great great steak! The vibe inside could use a bit of an upgrade ... read more
Juan Herrera via - Aug 3, 2021
Average steak house. Don't order anything else except a steak. Alfredo and Chicken Parm were average. The steaks were good, but not great. The side of pasta that comes with every meal was not very good and had a watered down sauce. The service was good and the atmosphere is nice. The dessert was the best part!
Tiffany Comitalo via - Aug 1, 2021
Look this place up! The Steak and Prime Rib were amazing. The vibe was classic family owned. we wi
Look this place up! The Steak and Prime Rib were amazing. The vibe was classic family owned. we will be back again. Also had a great kids menu. I did warn mine that this is a fancy place and to be on best behavior. Everyone was impressed with how delicious dinner was.
Austin Newman via - Aug 1, 2021
Food okay at best, service okay. prices for the quality missed the mark ... read more
Kristi Moore via - Jul 25, 2021
Poor service ... read more
Steve Sell via - Jul 24, 2021
The food was delicious! And plenty of it! Priced comfortably.
Anthony Carter via - Jul 24, 2021
Good old time restaurant experience. Good ribeye steak, good amount of food. The steak medallions were tasty. Pasta side dish was luke warm, would have liked it to be steaming hot. We are from out of town and would return for another visit.
Gary Shelley via - Jul 20, 2021
Good steak 😋 ... read more
Arturo Munoz via - Jul 18, 2021
Steak was good but nothing to rave about. Service was acceptable but not great. You get a lot of food for your $$ though.
Billy Doncer via - Jul 14, 2021
Good steak, good casual atmosphere ... read more
Curtis Ramsey via - Jul 14, 2021
Very nice ambiance great taste ... read more
Sabrina Ohnmacht via - Jul 10, 2021
I will be there again.
Jeffrey Sones via - Jul 6, 2021
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